Family and local History


This has been our family home for several generations. It is a former wine property. The oldest part of the house belonged to my grandparents. It is the part at the back on the right-hand side. Although half of it has now disappeared, you can still see the low stone wall, just in front of the bamboos.

Family photo


In 1928, my grandfather, Alexis Giraud, built the big outbuildings on the left. These included a vat room, as well as two hangars, one for horse-drawn carriages, the other for hay, and a paddock for three horses. Alexis bought more and more vineyards, and went on to develop a business network with his brother, who ran a wine- cellar shop in Paris.




In 1937, thanks to a particularly good crop, my mother Denise, who had inherited the property and married my father Marc Coitit, added on the upper left-hand side of the house and the wine cellar at the back. When my parents retired in 1990, I inherited the house.

For my husband, Ray Godfrey and me, this family home is where we come at weekends and during the holidays to meet up with our relatives and friends.

Each generation has done its part in renovating the house and ensuring its upkeep. Last summer, we had the garden enclosed and a gate added, in order to celebrate the wedding of our daughter.

Now, today, we would like you, too, to enjoy your stay in the house we love so much.


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